The Construction Products Regulation is solely concerned with reaction to fire and resistance to fire properties of these products, resulting in awarding classifications often known as “Euroclasses” to each product or range of products. The established classes and test methods for cable for reaction to fire are shown here. The resistance to fire CPR is still under development at the present time.

i.       Categories Aca, B1ca, B2ca and Cca are subject to the requirement of AVCP System 1+.       

         This requires notified certification body:-
         – Initial inspection of plant and factory production control
         – Initial type testing
         – Surveillance, assessment and evaluation of factory production control, twice per year
         – Audit testing of samples       
         The manufacturer undertakes internal FPC & routine audit testing.

ii.      Categories Dca and Eca are subject to the requirement of AVCP System 3.
         This requires notified laboratory:-
         – Initial type testing     
         The manufacturer undertakes internal FPC & routine audit testing.

iii.     Category Fca to AVCP System 4 manufacturer duties only.

To reduce the cost of these requirements, it is expected to be possible to group cables into “families“ and assess them in accordance with the proposed EXAP (extended application) rules. BASEC will work with clients in utilising these systems to best effect. However EXAPs do not apply to all cables.

BASEC maintains appropriate Notifications to European Directives covering cable products and we can provide procedural advice, perform assessments and prepare technical reports for manufacturers and importers of cable products. BASEC is also an active participant of the group of notified bodies which provides further guidance to facilitate equivalent assessment for all members.