BASEC approves to many national and international cable standards

BASEC offers product approvals to a wide variety of cable standards, and also offers bespoke approvals for products where standards do not yet exist.  Information about these standards, the types of cable and their applications can be found by clicking on the links on the left of this page.  A summary document may be found in the downloads area.

The main group of standards BASEC approves to are British cable standards.  These include BS 6004, BS 6231, BS 6500, BS 7211, BS 5467, BS 6724, BS 6622, BS 7629 and many others.

BASEC also offers approval to European (CENELEC, harmonised) standards, to international (IEC) standards, and to sector standards (e.g. TIA). BASEC can also approve to other national standards, such as Irish, Malaysian, etc. 

All BASEC approvals follow the same approach.  Each approved product is subject to a high level of product testing, manufacturing assessment and ongoing surveillance, in accordance with BASEC's scheme rules and regulations.