BASEC Complaints Service


As a service to our approved manufacturers, their customers and end users, BASEC offers a free-of-charge complaints investigation service for traders, installers and end users when cable-related problems emerge with an installation using BASEC approved cable.

We provide you with the technical and supporting information you may need to resolve an issue concerning a product or range of products.

Please contact BASEC by telephone or email as soon as possible once the problem has been identified, using the contact details on this website.

This service is also available where potentially non-compliant non-approved cable has been purchased.

The ultimate causes of the problems that BASEC has investigated over recent years can be split into approximately three equal groups:

  • Installation design or cable specification errors, such as incorrect type or size of cable used.
  • Poor installation practices, resulting in damage to cable.
  • Manufacturing problems with the cable itself.