10 Good Reasons for Specifying BASEC Approved Cable


1. Comprehensive - BASEC is able to conduct testing and issue certification to any cable specification or standard, and a wide range of these certifications are accredited. In addition, BASEC can provide bespoke certification for innovative or special products.

2. Fit-for-purpose - quite simply, by specifying BASEC-approved cable you know it will be fit for purpose. Our auditors follow rigorous test and compliance protocols of the product and processes throughout the manufacturing cycle.

3. Safety - certification ensures safety for the supplier, distributor and the end user, removing possible issues further down the line. BASEC approved cables are rigorously tested against high voltage and for insulation strength. They are better quality and carry a lower risk of receiving shock or a fire starting as a result of accidental damage during installation.

4. Quality - BASEC approved cable is always manufactured under an approved quality management system (BASEC Product Certification Requirements), ensuring a continuity of high quality levels. Auditing and assessment lead to certification to international standards, ISO 9001 (Quality), ISO 14001 (Environment) and OHSAS 18001 (Health and Safety).

5. Endorsement - specifiers are always looking for third party approval of products and there is no higher level of approval than the BASEC mark.

6. Cost - the difference in cost between cables that carry the BASEC mark and those that don't may not be much, and it is a small price to pay for reassurance.

7. Marketing - organisations may apply for a licence to display the BASEC mark on their products once BASEC has verified that the products fully comply with specification. BASEC actively markets the benefits of choosing BASEC approved products.

8. Testing - independent testing ensures compliance to specification and relevant standards and is used to help provide evidence-based reporting where required.

9. Monitoring - through rigorous examination of manufacturing processes and controls - and ongoing follow-up - BASEC ensures that products meet appropriate national or international standards.

10. Communication - as an independent body, BASEC communicates with the electrical supply industry on behalf of stakeholders through its website, bulletins, seminars, industry bodies and the media. We are always happy to discuss queries with interested parties.