Ongoing Validity


This page contains details about the ongoing validity of BASEC certificates. This will be of use to specifiers and regulators checking the ongoing validity of manufacturer’s' certificates.

All certificates displayed using the certificate search function on the right hand side of the web page are current and valid.  Any certificate that has expired, been suspended or has not yet been issued will not be listed.  All displayed certificates should be treated as current and valid.  During the reissue of certificates, the expiry date of an individual certificate may be reached, but this indicates that the renewal process is underway.

All product certificates are supported by:

  • Routine quality surveillance audits to BASEC's requirements (PCR);
  • Regular surveillance testing of samples including follow up.

Management system certificates are supported by routine factory audits.

Suspensions of individual certificates or complete listings and withdrawals of certification by BASEC are listed separately on this website.