HAR Scheme

BASEC is a member of the pan-European HAR scheme for the mutual acceptance of certification of harmonised cables.

Cables within the scope of the scheme (cable types made to harmonised European standards) are certified by the approval body in the territory where the manufacturing facility is located.  The certification of these cables is accepted by all the other HAR scheme member approval bodies as if they have been certified by themselves.

BASEC provides HAR scheme certification to manufacturers based in the UK and Ireland.  Cables certified by BASEC under this scheme are marked with the approval legend 'BASEC <HAR>'.

The scheme is co-ordinated by the HAR group and rules are set in consultation with cable makers and other stakeholders around Europe.  The rules and requirements are largely the same as BASEC's own scheme rules.

Further information on the HAR scheme including lists of member organisations, applicable cable types, and current approvals, can be found at www.etics.org.