Where problems have been experienced with a cable, whether approved by BASEC or not, such as failure or performance problem, BASEC is able to provide independent investigation of the problem, undertake testing, and provide reports, assistance and advice to the parties involved.

BASEC will use appropriate experts, and commission tailored examination and testing programmes from suitable laboratories, to address the problem. Charges are applicable to such services.

In cases where a BASEC approved cable is involved, BASEC will treat such enquiries as complaints against the cable in question and BASEC's complaints procedures will be followed. Such services are free of charge to the enquirer.

In selected cases where a non-approved cable is alleged to not conform to the appropriate specification, BASEC may choose to conduct such investigations as are required free of charge to the enquirer.

BASEC is also able to provide expert witness services in cases of legal dispute. Charges are applicable to such services.